About Us

WAFM is a community within a community whose initiative is WELLNESS for all individuals – children, teens, adults, seniors. As individuals become more “well”, the wellness of our community naturally improves, which can lead to improvement in environmental and social wellness too. It begins with you and your own journey to wellness and fulfillment, which can positively impact all those around you – family, spouse, loved ones, friends, coworkers, even your employer. Call a WAFM member today to help you pursue Wellness, find Solutions, enrich Relationships, engage in Personal Development, or improve Emotional Health. We want to see you thrive!

To improve the overall wellness of our local communities by coming together as practitioners and wellness leaders to address the health needs in our area.

We recognize healthcare is changing and we must become more interactive with regards to patients’ needs. WAFM seeks to be a leader by integrating this new approach to healthcare, focusing on being more connected with a variety of healthcare practitioners. Our goal is to provide the best quality referrals, while providing a forum for practical and impactful professional development.

What we provide:

  • Monthly meetings
  • Connection and Collaboration
  • Professional development
  • Continuing education
  • Referral network
  • Business development
  • Peer consultation
  • Community outreach
  • Sharing of ideas, knowledge and resources

Members are professionals operating as individual healthcare or wellness practitioners.

Annual dues are $100, which includes your listing on the WAFM brochure. The brochure is distributed to area medical and wellness offices throughout the area. WAFM attends several local events and promotes our members to the community.

You may apply for membership by filling out a membership application and forwarding to Tina Johnston at tjohnston@createnewstarts.com. All new members must be approved by the WAFM Advisory Board.

To pay for membership, please go here to Paypal:

WAFM Board of Directors:

Tina Johnston
Missy Distel
Emilee Strain
Mary Smith

Inspiring success for you and your family!